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Early Autism Assesment

on June 16, 2013

I have worked in the child development field for over 15 years. I have had
the opportunity to work with many children with different abilities. I knew very little about autism. It was not talked about very much. Not at all like in today’s time where you hear it mentioned on the news or t.v. At least once a day.

My son cole was officially diagnosed at the age of 2. I saw signs of delay very early on. Including a speech delay . He is now 3 years old and in a preschool program for children who have autism.

My son Evan is 15months. I took it upon my self to conduct an assessment on my own called the M-chat, I will put the link for this assessment. This assessment is a yes or no question assessment. It showed he was at risk for autism. Which was no surprise to me. I have seen some signs of him being at risk, some examples- language regression : saying words,then not saying them at all. Ignoring me when being called, no pointing for things he wants or to show .
Also I will have a link below for signs to look out for!

Today Evan had an assessment with early intervention through the regional center. He qualifies for services. Early intervention is so important.

M-Chat assessment

Signs to look out for



2 responses to “Early Autism Assesment

  1. Big Ganga Photography says:

    Agree. Catching it early, is key.

  2. I used the M-chat for Cj. It told me to definitely meet with his doctor and sure enough it was Autism. Catching it early is important. I see things in him now that I saw then but had no clue something was wrong. I just thought that he was acting like a typical boy. Knowledge is key!

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